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1uHack.prx(new) Empty uHack.prx(new) on Wed Jul 22, 2009 2:29 pm


This is ToCkSICKs brandnew prx that is like nitepr but i find more better looking and a few more features like it tells u the game id and stuff.


Fisrt download the prx that is downloadable at the bottom. then u must go into your game.txt and add this ms0.


Then make a folder in your seplugins called uHA_CK and thats where all of your codes will go. example: UCUS-98654

Thenn once u have all of that done go into your recovery mode and enable the prx...... do not have nitepr on yor psp at all with this because it will not work.

So enable it then exit recovery mode and go into a game and when u see the message come up saying uHACK then u press (home twice and + and -)

Have fun and i hope you enjoy.

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