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Burning man

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1Burning man Empty Burning man on Fri Apr 17, 2009 11:26 am


#Burning Man(BAN)
;Explosives stick to you
;Use M67 Grenades for best results
;Use with Infinite Health so you do not die
0x00282FC4 0x0A5C0CC0
0x00313834 0x30C60000
0x00313B00 0x30840000
0x00F03300 0x3C0808D0
0x00F03304 0x8D095858
0x00F03308 0x11200012
0x00F0330C 0x3C1908E0
0x00F03310 0x233905C4
0x00F03314 0x200A0A6C
0x00F03318 0x8D2D0018
0x00F0331C 0xAF2D0000
0x00F03320 0x8D2D001C
0x00F03324 0xAF2D0004
0x00F03328 0x8d2D0020
0x00F0332C 0xAF2D0008
0x00F03330 0x294F0A70
0x00F03334 0x11E00002
0x00F0333C 0x214A0004
0x00F03340 0x032AC820
0x00F03344 0x218C0001
0x00F03348 0x2D8E001F
0x00F0334C 0x15C0FFF2
0x00F03354 0x03E00008

pretty cool code, but sorry it bans

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