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Rules to the Forums

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1 Rules to the Forums on Sat Aug 15, 2009 1:45 pm


When you register an account to the forums, you are agreeing that you will abide by all our rules and terms of service. If you do not follow these rules you will have action taken against you. If you are unsure of the rules, simply read below as this will help you from not getting banned in the future. If you find you have anything against these rules, simply leave ClockWorkGames. As they are the Rules and will not be changed, although there may be slight updates to them in future occasions:

Rule 1: Double Posting
Double post, this means post two or more posts one after another, if you must, edit your post using the edit button. If you do double post, you will be given an infraction.

Rule 2: Profane and Harmful Content
All people that post threads with profanity in the title or within the thread as content itself, will be given an infraction. If seen again doing the same thing, you will be banned.

You are also not allowed post any links containing adult content, death, or harmful files. Doing so, will result in a permanent ban from the forums.

Rule 3: Flaming Others
Do not flame others via the forums, everyone here deserves respect and this is not tolerated. Flaming/arguments will be stopped quickly, and the users engaged in the flame will receive infractions.

Rule 4: Posting Warning Offences
You must say why you got the offence, and give a link to the post/thread that u where warned on. Then post the message sent to you by the Moderator.

Rule 5: Spamming
Any pointless material that is posted on the forums will not be tolerated, it will result in you receiving an infraction, and your thread being closed. Please note that asking for items (donations, etc), and flaming others will not be tolerated whatsoever on these forums.

Rule 6: sexual Harassment
ClockWorkGames does not tolerate this in anyway, both men and women are equal. Please don't joke around too much about this, because some take it very seriously. Depending on the severity, will result in the action taken.

Rule 7: Impersonation of others
There shall be no impersonation of members or anybody else. This will result in you being permanently banned from the forums. A lot of times helping members will get misinterpreted as staff impersonation. No action will be taken for helping someone out, but saying things such as, "I will mute you" - is considered staff impersonation.

Rule 8: Descrimination
Being discriminative to anyone on the forums, is not allowed. You will be banned for 3 days if any kind of discrimination is in your post, private message, picture comment, etc. This goes for:

* Racism/Xenophobia
* Religious intolerance
* Sexism
* Homophobia/Heterophobia/Biphobia
* Ageism

Just keep it to yourself.

Rule 9: Plagiarism
Anybody caught stealing somebody else's work will have their thread deleted and account banned for 48 hours.

Rule 10: Advertisement / Websites
Any websites that may contain harmful content is banned, websites with appropriate content are allowed in signatures only. If you advertise, you'll be given an infraction.

Rule 11: Gravedigging
Gravedigging is when you post on a topic that was not posted on for over two weeks. You are not allowed to do this because it's literally "gravedigging" on old thread. If you wish to post on an old topic, you should check the last post to see if it's over two weeks old. Gravedigging is acceptable only in the guides section and tutorials sub-forum, in the Graphics section. If you are caught gravedigging (you most certainly will), you will receive an infraction. If you post after a gravedigger, you will receive an infraction. If you repeat such an action, your consequence will be more severe. Constantly gravedigging will result in a permanent ban from the forums.

*Moderators have the right to suspend you from posting if you break any of these rules.

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2 Re: Rules to the Forums on Sat Aug 15, 2009 4:53 pm


dam these rules r new..especailly the gravedigging...

3 Re: Rules to the Forums on Sat Aug 15, 2009 9:07 pm


Ya i need specific ones for a old site coming back from the grave.!BABY

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And dont forget to Rep me if I ever help!

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