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We are going through a Revolution.We are going to change 3/4 of everything. the name is going to be changed the theme as you can already can see is going to be changed.and a lot more.All I need you guys to do is get more members.I will do my best to do whatever it takes to make this website the best it can be, and i need your help aswell..

I have added the RPG Module!It is visible in your Profile Page..Right now it is just a beta because i have no idea how to use it.I would like your opinions and these are the instructions on how to work it.
1:You goto your profile.
2:You will see something that says Character Sheet.
3:You will then see another thing that says Generate.
4:You will Generate your character sheet.
5:Figure everything out and add to what you are and what you would like.

Thank You,

Staff Of ClockWorkGames

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