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new releases

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1 new releases on Mon Aug 10, 2009 12:47 pm


#Pause Game
;Turn It On to Pause Game.
;Turn Off for Gameplay.
0x0001DFE4 0x03E00008

#X Twice = Pause Game
;Hit X Twice to Pause Game.
;Turn Off for Gameplay.
0x00282C94 0x03E00008

#Perfect Shot P/S
;I dont know about Primary
;but I know Secondary Perfect S.
0x00282C90 0x0000000F
0x00282C94 0x0000000F

#R Button = Lock Stop/Better Recoil
;Press Are To Lock Stop.
;Also Better Recoil..
0x004c7f30 0x00000000

#Run Faster
;Run Faster then Usual.
0x004c7f30 0xBF800000

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