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++Boot prx++

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1++Boot prx++ Empty ++Boot prx++ on Wed May 27, 2009 5:52 pm


1.Download below
2.Go into the MS_ROOT folder of the file you downloaded.
3.Open your PSP in USB mode.
4.Drag the contents of the MS_ROOT folder you downloaded to your Memory Stick's Root. If you do not know what your Memory Stick's Root is
5.Add the following code to your game.txt and enable the plugin in recovery:
Code: ms0:/seplugins/boot.prx

You then need to add this to your Cheat Database
#Boot On
;Turn on AFTER you log into the servers
0x00804f00 0x00000001

Turn on the code when you are logged into the servers. When you join a game press and hold Square and Triangle for 3-4 seconds and everyone should be gone. Do not hold longer than 5 seconds as the timer function doesn't loop at the moment, so after five seconds the PRX becomes visible to the servers anti cheat system


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