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Teleport to Talker

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1 Teleport to Talker on Wed May 27, 2009 5:32 pm


#Teleport to Talker
;L+dpad left to teleport
;You to talker
0x00000024 0x0a200800
0x00002000 0x3c0808d6
0x00002004 0x3c0908d0
0x00002008 0x3c0a09a8
0x0000200c 0x854ee1e4
0x00002010 0x8d2a5858
0x00002014 0x240f0180
0x00002018 0x15ee0007
0x00002020 0xc50cfbe8
0x00002024 0xe54c0018
0x00002028 0xc50dfbec
0x0000202c 0xe54d001c
0x00002030 0xc50efbf0
0x00002034 0xe54e0020
0x00002038 0x03e00008


PLZ ReP Me If I I-IAVE )-(ELjJED U!!!!

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