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Anti boot cheat Ghost

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1 Anti boot cheat Ghost on Thu Apr 16, 2009 11:46 am


Have fun destroying the game noobs.

#Anti-Boot Cheat Ghost
;By DemonSpawn and Orical
;When you die you become
;a ghost that cant be voted
;or booted but you can still kill
0x00510000 0x3C1908CF
0x00510004 0x34180050
0x00510008 0x8F2F01FC
0x0051000C 0x15E00003
0x00510014 0x15D80006
0x0051001C 0x34020004
0x00510020 0x34110002
0x00510024 0x34120008
0x00510028 0x34130002
0x0051002C 0x34140006
0x00510030 0x00408021
0x00510034 0x3C0208D0
0x00510038 0x00007020
0x0051003C 0x0A2DF00B
0x0037C024 0x0A344000
0x0037C028 0x00000000
0x00102208 0x340E0050
0x00101524 0x340E0050
0x001022D8 0x340E0050

People who don't know what this does, It allows you to play on socom ftb2 without having to worry about getting 35. There are side effects though.

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