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Flash Jokered to []

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1Flash Jokered to [] Empty Flash Jokered to [] on Mon Apr 13, 2009 2:10 pm


Need to Post
Need to Post
Just Hold down Flash Jokered to [] Square-button and then flash around the map.
You Cannot shoot while u are doing this.

#Flash Jokered To []
;No Error 35/Bann
0x00000024 0x0A32EC00
0x004BB000 0x3C0808D6
0x004BB004 0x3C0909A8
0x004BB008 0x8D2AE1E4
0x004BB00C 0x340B8000
0x004BB010 0x3C0D3F80
0x004BB014 0xAD0DFA2C
0x004BB01C 0x154B0003
0x004BB024 0x3C0D4000
0x004BB028 0xAD0DFA2C
0x004BB02C 0x03E00008

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